Making Treasures is...

Crafting stellar online experiences that not only stand out in search engines, but delight your audiences.

We stand behind
Our core values






1 | Confidence

Giving you the confidence you need to learn and explore the world of SEO.

2 | Creativity

To encourage curiosity and learning by expressing our content in creative and original ways.

3 | Joy

No unhappiness here! The vibrant colors are here to stay and add some extra colors to your day.

4 | Simplicity

Say goodbye to overwhelm, our content are easy to digest.

5 | Support

We, along with my community, are here to help you. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Girl holding a map

Why these 5 core values, you ask?

The thing is,

I am kind of obsessed about your success as you embark on this journey to implement a fully working SEO strategy into your business.

SEO may seem like a very confusing topic to many because of all the moving pieces, which is why my core mission with Making Treasures is to break down this seemingly complicated concept into simple, fun, bite-sized pieces you can consume no matter how busy your schedule is or how many other priorities you have.

Just as I am confident that anyone can understand SEO, I am also confident that you will be able to take your understanding to the next level and craft a truly unique and beautiful website that search engines can't get enough of.